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Real vs. Although the scene involves servants of both houses two of the main characters, Tybalt and Benvolio, are introduced during this brawl. The romantic characters in the play are Romeo and Juliet.

Love because of duty is seen in this production in the love for the houses from Romeo, Juliet, and all other members of the houses, and also the love that is seen in the heads of both the houses to the other members of the group. Shakespeare intends for the audience to sympathise with its central characters, in particular Juliet.

We tried to properly display this in the movie as the original play that Shakespeare wrote, which we have adapted this movie from, was an obvious romantic comedic tragedy. The fact that Romeo and Juliet are star crossed lovers displays the tragedy in the production, and the characters which make the movie comedic include Naomi, and Mercutio the closest associates with both Romeo and Juliet.

Hence, a key variation in the two text types is the techniques used.

Romeo and juliet adaptation ideas

Instead, they can connect the text and the sequence together. The song also portrays a very romantic vibe that we would like to be portrayed in particular scenes. Let wantons light of heart, Tickle the senseless rushes with their heels. The love that can be perceived as genuine in this production includes: the love between friends, because they are loyal to each other and genuinely care about their friends, the love between Romeo and Juliet can, as well as be seen as fake, be seen as real, because they are loyal and seem to be completely and utterly in deep love. Author: Brandon Johnson. Also, the characterisation used in the film is done well to add to the contemporary atmosphere. The play has been adapted numerous times for stage, film, musical and opera. In his play, Shakespeare explores the themes of conflict and rebellion and their tragic consequences. One example is the use of costumes, at the Capulet ball Tybalt was dressed as a devil. Romeo says this line to describe Juliet when he first sees her. Therefore the music that we have chosen for this production ranges from slow love songs in Romantic scenes, to fast paced songs in fighting or high intensity scenes. The text is placed with contemporary visual graphics, yet they do not clash together.

One example is the use of costumes, at the Capulet ball Tybalt was dressed as a devil. Romeo and Juliet have a relationship that is based around the church, and there is usually a cross or other religious symbol in the scenes in which they appear, encouraging the story to be viewed in a Christian context.

We have chosen this as it is fast paced song which we believe reflects the scene which we intend to play it in perfectly.

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Love of the community is seen through the head of the college as he tries to keep the order by putting extra rules in place to stop disturbances between the houses. Instead, they are loud, extrovert, and outrageous. In conclusion Baz Luhrmann has appropriated his text for a modern audience. It follows a tragic love story about two unlucky lovers from rival families whose death reconciles their feud. Some themes explored in this movie are reality vs fantasy, love, conflict, and rebelliousness. There also appears to be less lighting on Benvolio as he appears to be a lot darker compared to the bright car and petrol stand behind him, this also draws the viewers eye to Benvolio. Shakespeare has expressed his ability to use diverse language to appeal to his audience. He has utilised various film techniques such as setting which I will explore further in relation to the themes. Throughout this first scene Benvolio tries to keep the peace between the two houses.

The themes of conflict and rivalry are central in this scene. The theme of conflict is seen in this production through the many times in the play where there is conflict seen. In this scene we aspired to display anger and tension in the atmosphere which we portrayed through the use of a loud thunder storm as the weather outside with clear and prevalent thunder claps.

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