Battle of the bands

Stormer apologizes to Ashley and goes off with her bandmates. We hope that you will consider buying a ticket, or registering your band for what we hope to become a must-see, annual event. She then tells a suspicious Rio that they have something to do before the concert and the band takes off.

As the victory fireworks skyrocket overhead, the Misfits can't believe they've been defeated, but Pizzazz tells them they that they are still the Misfits. All songs must be appropriate for a family oriented environment. Synergy calls out but Jem tosses one of her earrings on the ground. Eric then asks the audience to cheer one more time for the Misfits as the star lights reach up to the second to last star.

They end up catching her and lock her in a chest. Synergy disguises Jem, Aja and Shana as a triple Eric and the three confuse Zipper long enough for Kimber to slip away. Realizing that Eric will want to take Synergy and exploit her for his own purposes, the girls rent a moving van and head back to the Starlight Drive-In.

We celebrate our past by restoring our historic building. They are interrupted by Ashley's screams coming from a forklift heading for the trash crusher.

battle of the bands rock
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High School Battle of the Bands