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Health tests are not at all only for show dogs -surely you want your pure pet to be healthy as well? And so on. Registration papers are a separate matter.

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Many purebred puppies are offered for sale without registration papers, or with registration papers but no pedigree. The registration number is only valid for that dog and is not valid for the breeder themselves in perpetuity.

I also already knew that it was a healthy breed, with few health problems and usually a very long lifespan.

Buy dog with papers

No vet visit. So now you know a little about registration papers and pedigrees and how they can be so helpful. The choice as to whether buy a purebred puppy or adopt a pet is a choice only you can make. But is this correct? Thus you won't know how much he is at risk for developing health or behavior problems as he grows up. If you acquired your dog from a backyard breeder, or pet shop, or somebody's ad in the newspaper or on the internet — it would probably be a good idea to find out whether he's truly purebred. Before bringing home a purebred puppy or dog, the following are some of the things you should look for: Registration certificate A dog registration certificate simply tells you that a puppy is the offspring of a particular dam mother and sire father and the date on which the puppy was born. I only wanted a pet, but I wanted a healthy pet that would stay well into his teens and have a long life. But scams happen. May 25, share this post: Working with dogs and their owners every day, I hear of many wonderful dog and owner relationships.

Fortunately, the AKC also offers a program where participating breeders can submit DNA samples of one or both parents to conclusively prove parentage. Met the mother who was lovely and friendly and appeared healthy. Now, you might be surprised to hear this, because you probably thought "AKC registered puppies" meant good quality.

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Treatments from the vet did not work. But you still need answers to these questions: When you look at a pedigree, how can you tell if there's too much inbreeding?

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Registration papers are a separate matter. I picked my puppy up at 7 weeks of age. But scams happen. He was black and white and I had decided to call him Bobby, after my grandparents' Papillon all those years earlier. The female is accidentally bred by a stray dog of unknown ancestry. But you still need answers to these questions: When you look at a pedigree, how can you tell if there's too much inbreeding? Also, any official health test results WILL be printed on your puppy's registration certificate! I now have several others as I fell in love with the breed and wanted to start showing and eventually breeding. The breeder seemed genuine and asked me lots of questions. A receipt. State specific resources for finding purebred puppies:.

His mother had been mated again at her very next season. These record form the pedigree, or ancestry chart, of each animal. In the meantime, I read up on the breed -for the umpteenth time.

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AKC Registered Puppies: Are AKC Papers Important?