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I think the explanation for the combination of similarities and differences comes from the fact that the Matthew and Luke are styled differently and also have different audiences.

Go get shaved and cleaned up and get some sleep.

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The pilot turned downwind from the trapper and circled around to make a landing which would bring us up alongside him.

The use of harsh dissonances and unusual harmonies ties back in with the Theory of Affections. Luke is the lead singer for 5sos and Calum is the bass player.

When he needs the compassion and help of others, he learns that he gets them only in exchange for heroics. His hand waving appeared much more urgent than a friendly acknowledgement. However, all though for most prison life is just a depiction in a movie or on television, it is a reality for many.

The book of Luke, showed Jesus as God who paid attention to the women, the weak and the poor, and Luke noted detail before the miracles and after including the reaction of the crowds, which he described with the words, astonished, amazed, and wonder.

The Captain and his henchmen try to reform Luke to cow the bull-gang.

The social influences help to control the individual psyches of entire populations to create a more cohesive environment. The gospel of Luke, writes about Jesus being the son of a human. He falls to the bunkhouse floor, alone and ignored by prisoners who once venerated him. He was a great drawer. My friends and I all played football and we were going to miss a couple days of camp and weights so we planned to use the gym at the resort. In one paragraph he was a baby, and in the next paragraph he was twelve years old Luke is estranged from his natural parents and, as he gets older, finds himself anxious to pull away from his loving foster parents and become a man of his own I know more about the origin of the Bible, and how it has many authors. Thus, the purpose then of Acts , is to provide an account of that which Christ began to do and to teach, and as a result of his ascension, he would ultimately instruct the apostles to continue to teach in his bodily absence, through the churc He has tried to evade petty power and authority. The Captain attempts to make of Luke's rebellion an irrational, self-defeating act so that the other inmates will see repression as for their own good. Today there are fourteen of us, we all have the same dad.
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