Essay on hospitality and tourism management

People travel from different places when arrived to the destination places they experience differences and they demand a number of services such as food, drinks, accommodation and sometimes conference cervices. Therefore managers do not have to ignore employees by seeing them as just employees. So the big challenge these industries have is to maintain the number of guests checking in.

This is never happen when the leadership style is authoritarian because employees are not given any chance in anything including decision making, this cause them unhappy and sometimes feel unmotivated which automatically will affect their working performance.

tourism and hospitality management

This is because when machines get breakdowns many people miss the service they want on time which is fully of disappointment especially the moment they need it mostly.

If the leadership operating does not encourage cooperation with employees, automatically employees will develop negative attitude to their leaders and the company in general as a result will affect their performance.

essay on hospitality management

In hospitality and tourism industries, it is not a surprise to find the general manager attending guests by the reception office. All these services are provided by the Hospitality industries.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 13 3

tourism management essay
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The hospitality and tourism sector