Ethics in public administration case studies

When it comes to handling the responsibility at such religious places, the primary responsibility lies with the state of taking care of law and order and ensuring safety and security of people assembling at these places. The teaching of ethics in the public sector has been included in the curricula of schools of public administration University of Virginia, the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, Indiana University, Harvard Kennedy School.

examples of ethical dilemmas in public administration

Hejka-Ekins 12 suggests that the moral judgement of an individual civil servant can be strengthened by cultivating the necessary values and norms, as well as by developing the skills in ethical decision-making needed to apply those values in daily work situations.

Case Study: Automated Active Response Weaponry Q Industries is an international defense contractor specializing in autonomous vehicles. But his friends and colleagues who know him personally respect and love him a lot for his vast knowledge and affability.

Ethics in public administration case studies

Share this:. Recently, however, Q has begun to experiment with automated active responses. You rushed immediately with 7 of your well trained and known officers in order to conduct raid and to arrest them.

examples of ethical dilemmas in public administration

A board member belonging to a political party opposed to that of the chairman and who has a good chance of becoming chairman once the incumbent steps down or resigns, meets Ajay privately and hands over few documents and a secret video recording where the chairman appears to be demanding huge bribe for releasing funds to district milk unions.

People are afraid of going out of their home.

Public ethics

Cagle and M. New and in-service officers are given many opportunities, through extensive induction programmes and other training to be familiar with the appropriate procedures pertaining to their work, although such courses tend to focus on the application of prescribed guidelines and procedures. Adams and D. Stewart, N. Question 2: You are posted as SDM in a tehsil. Were these failures of procedure and administrative compliance, or the outcome of a more fundamental cultural change? Since last year, the Civil Service College CSC , in collaboration with lead agencies such as the Public Service Division and the Ministry of Finance, has launched numerous initiatives to support ethics education in the Singapore public sector. People are afraid of going out of their home. The chairman of state milk federation is a powerful politician very close to the Chief Minister. Recently he was shunted out of a prominent department as a punishment transfer as Managing Director to an ailing state cooperative milk federation.

The news in media has further created fear among the people. Since approaches to ethics teaching and training vary widely, different goals could be addressed.

Question 2: You are posted as SDM in a tehsil.

Examples of ethical issues in the public sector

Doig and J. The member told him that he is actually blackmailing the chairman for some time now and he is not yielding to his threats as he is being shielded by the CM. Model answers are available below in PDF format and can be used for personal evaluation. Question 3: You are a Deputy Superintendent of Police of a district. They are offering him a lucrative post in the capital once they come to power. The video clearly shows that it is indeed the chairman asking a director of a district union for bribe. In the process of saving, the officer got shot by the gun through the bullet-proof jacket. Ajay is now being pressurized by prominent leaders of the opposition parties, privately, to go against the chairman. Jean agreed that the experience was unpleasant, but that was the price to pay for working in an intense, industry-leading team. Sharpe, ; N.
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Practice case studies about resolving ethical problems