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Figure 1: The cover page format.

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An abstract should: Make sense on it's own. For more on references, click here. Usually you will describe the apparatus first, which is often best done with the help of a labelled diagram NB: Do not use diagrams from your lab script.

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It should contain a brief description of any calculations needed to get from the raw data to the final results, but any theory should be talked about in the Introduction or Method. Do not include tables or pictures in the abstract!

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The circumference measurement was obtained by tightly wrapping a small piece of paper around the object, marking the circumference on the paper with a pencil, and measuring this distance with the ruler or caliper. Introduction Procedure: Five objects were chosen such that measurements of their circumference and diameter could be obtained easily and would be reproducible. Consider how to get your information across in a clear and concise manner - such as with a graph, a couple of numbers or a few lines of text. Use the most direct descriptions possible, writing in past tense and active voice. Such an impression would be disastrous for a scientific paper or an engineering proposal, and will accordingly be marked down in a lab report. Laboratory Questions should be answered next. Also a brief historical survey can be included. The instructions for analyzing data for most labs will not be as detailed as the instructions below. References Most reports will usually also have appendices, which support the main sections. The format of the report The lab report must include the following. Ideally, you should discuss how your results link back to the motivation you gave in the Introduction Acknowledgements A short section acknowledging any contributions made by others, financial or adademic, towards the paper. The steps below closely follow the grading rubric. In the case of research report many things can be assumed known to the readers. Therefore, we did not use irregularly shaped objects or ones that could be deformed when measured. Make sure the report makes sense, and that all the words are spelled correctly and used correctly.

Results In this section the results and the calculation leading to them are presented. Introduction shouldn't be written as part of Theoretical background!

It follows from the previous that a good scientific writer is able to pack a lot of information to these key areas. Drawing valid inferences from data is a vital skill for engineers and scientists.

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References This section is a list of the sources cited in the rest of the article with full bibliographical information. Overview Abstract The abstract comes first, and is a short paragraph giving a summary to the reader of the major methods and results presented in the report. This activity is an introduction to physics laboratory investigations. The diameter of each of the 5 objects was measured with either the ruler or caliper. Figure and tables take up a lot of space - consider whether you can plot multiple lines on one graph. Hence the calculated average velocities are consistently smaller and the slope of velocity vs. It is common practise to number a picture or a table even in the case that there is only one. The format of the report The lab report must include the following. It should discuss: The history of the subject, related work by other scientists, any potential application Relevant theory or equations The motivation and objective of the report, and sometimes it's conclusions Method The purpose of the method is to describe your apparatus and methodology. Including a sketch of the apparatus is not sufficient description; you must also describe the apparatus briefly in words. Discuss any errors your may have ommitted and how this would affect your results While this section allows for a little more freedom then the others, it is important that it stays rooted in logic and evidence. Theoretical background In this chapter the theory relevant to the work is presented. You can also describe the method you used to analyze your data or how you estimated your experimental errors. In this lab, you design an experiment to test a hypothesis about the geometry of circles.

The lab report is not written for the evaluator. After the contact information the correct code and name of the work are written.

It's usually better to explain the logic behind what you are trying to do and how you acheived it. General Writing Taking the most controversial element first, at least one-third of the grade for each lab report will be based on the general quality of the writing.

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Physics Lab Report Format