Making and recieving telephone calls

Therefore customers will either acknowledge that the company is being good or bad on the basis of how they are dealt with.

Making and recieving telephone calls

We also have a manager present so that they can be taken out of securities hands. Patients often contact my line querying their appointments and as I am unable to help them with this I transfer them to the Appointments office next door. Security has to gain access through store management a key and a code to enter as there are company personnel files also in there. Appointments are a very effective and efficient way of being used as a result of keeping accurate records, clearing of priorities and systematically work through the tasks. When receiving a call you will have to give the best service to the caller in the best way you can. They are responsible for the record keeping within diaries and making notes. Prepare Take a moment to prepare before you pick up the phone. To sound as professional as possible, give your first and last name as well as your title if applicable. If there is waste in the workplace then there is a risk of infestation from rodents which carry viruses and germs. For example -you may be required to answer the phone after a certain number of rings or read from a specific script.

When a patient is making a telephone call to the hospital they are often likely to be anxious and worried and will need to be put at ease and reassured. There is also help bells under every till and if pressed three times they alert security that there is a problem we must all come to the front of the store to help the best we can.

If you know the name of the company you need to contact then you could look up their contact details on their website on the Internet. What is the purpose of the receptionist role as the first point of contact in a business environment?

Although the other party can't see your face, your voice can still convey a sense of professionalism and authority. Making and receiving telephone calls Essay Essay Topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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Learning objective Place in Assessment 3. This is so they are feeling that you are honest and reliable if they think that they need your help with anything.

This is a good feature when a meeting is Conference calling required but you are unable to gather all of the relevant parties in the same building.

There are heavy printers that work on an industrial level ie- companies who use printing for the nature of their business. In this case I would tell the patient that I needed to transfer them through to the appointments office, where somebody could help them with their query. They are mostly used during intimate meetings like job interviews which gives better understanding of people. Identify Purpose You can exchange pleasantries, such as a brief "How are you today? When taking a message for someone at work I have actually prepared a message slip that I use to ensure I obtain all the appropriate information. By having a clean and smart appearance and by being well groomed, this gives a good first impression and having good general hygiene is also important. Be careful not to interrupt unless you discover that the other party is drifting from the topic at hand. Patients often contact my line querying their appointments and as I am unable to help them with this I transfer them to the Appointments office next door. Whenever you do make or receive calls you are the company representative so it is vitally important to that you are as polite and as helpful as possible as this may create a valuable image and a lot more custom for your business. The arrangement and layout of the room need to be taken into consideration. Depending on the outcome of their conversation they may need to be transferred on to PALS where they can deal with the complaint more appropriately.

Prepare Take a moment to prepare before you pick up the phone. If this is to happen there is a doorbell that goes directly to the customer services desk where a tannoy announcement comes for security to go to the loading bay. When you are making or receiving calls it is essential that you are always polite and courteous and always remember to maintain good manners.

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Making and receiving telephone calls