Making good choices

In a recent experiment researchers led by Robert Cialdini of Arizona State University in Tempe looked at ways to promote environmentally friendly choices. Life is a training ground and making good choices requires practice.

Or what about this? If you hang around long enough, your number will come up. First they gave volunteers a list of four items, each of which was described by four attributes, and asked them to choose one.

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Keep the right perspective. With little to go on, we seem more prone to latch onto irrelevancies and let them sway our judgement. Daniel knew that when he first chose God, he chose to let Him make his choices.

If you want to make good choices, you need to do more than latch on to facts and figures that support the option you already suspect is the best. In their study, the Chicago researchers found that sad people took time to consider the various alternatives on offer, and ended up making the best choices.

Where you are in life is temporary. Try and hold onto these words the next time you face a decision like this, I am sure it will help put into perspective the importance of what you are trying to achieve.

making good choices for elementary students

Bad decisions tend to have a short term benefit but will affect our long term progress, an example of this can be not revising before an exam because you had more interesting plan, to then find out you fail your exams.

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