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The clown disappears without a word: we might say that he vanishes, like the witches, when his many tasks are complete. He is the main law and order figure of Cyprus, and serves as damage control after Othello dies, and Iago is proven unfit. She remains loyal to Desdemona above all others, although she unwittingly plays a key part in Iago's treachery.

Othello, the Moor of Venice William Shakespeare Though Iago is truthfully the main focus of the play, and Othello is obviously important, hence the title, the minor characters also play an important role.

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She desires to be placed next to her dying mistress, Desdemona, as she dies. Are these essay examples edited? Whilst some critics view the insertion of these minor characters and comical elements as interrupting the actions, it can be argued that they in fact add to the tragedy and sinister moments.

Montano, Governor of Cyprus Pronounces judgment on Iago at the end of the play, comments on the situation, and helps to wrap the play up.

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D. Mitchell's English III IB: Othello #5 Secondary Characters