My future after graduation

my future plan after graduation essay

First, I want to get a job which is in line with my skill. So I will have three children. And I also have three things that I want to do after graduation. I want to be an entrepreneur.

Merlia Windiana I have three plans after graduation. Then I want to have a job to get extra money. With my salary, I can give something for my parent. First, I will continue my study to Master Program I the other country where I find scholarship from this program.

Work on building contacts with industry professionals. There are thousands of recruitment websites and agencies and some specialise in particular sectors. I want to save part of my money to continue my education. My dream job would be writing for television or work at a publishing agency.

Each page was different quote about what happiness is, and as I read each one, I started to slowly lift out of my bitter mood.

my plans after graduation essay

Second, after I get my master degree, I'll seek for new job with better salary. College is a stressfulintense journey, and letting people know that you're focusing on being successful in that process before turning to the next phase in your life is perfectly acceptable.

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What Are You Going to Do After You Graduate?