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Patriotism is the respect of the native history.

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End of Evils: Patriotism must be seen in every action of the citizens. For example, when you write a compare and contrast essay like, Patriotism vs Nationalismyou can select one of the possible templates: Describe the main values of patriotism in one paragraph, all values of nationalism in the other paragraph and make a comparison in the third paragraph.

These patriots have made great sacrifices for their motherland. Patriotism Essay 5 words Introduction Patriotism is one of the purest feelings in the world. The major aim is to foster national unity by developing a new nation and an integrated race Hippler, But we do not recommend waiting till the last moment, as the closer is the deadline, the more you have to pay.

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Defiant, recreates the experiences of eleven men captured during the Vietnam War and sent to the various camps like Hao Lo in North Vietnam. It is like being loyal to the family. Nationalism is a political ideology aimed to protect the interests of a certain nation.

But it was an act of barbarism which killed thousands of innocent men, women and children. It is to unconditionally support and respect the nation. The feeling of patriotism is important for many reasons.

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Patriotism Essay