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What is in vogue today can easily become stale tomorrow. Fur is the oldest form of clothing and it has been worn by humans for varies of reasons through out history; its natural appearance, texture, fashion, color and snow does not melt during outdoor activities.

This connects well with the knowledge flow model as it is bound to lead to successful globalization. So is the usage of fur need to stop.

Holdings reported a The fashion industry has transformed into a necessity in the life of people. Trends always come back. Fashion is a huge industry with thousands of designers that makes billions of dollars per year.

The fashion industry has grown to popularity by dominating the worldwide economy, media, workplace, and everyday life. Or how would you feel if you were constantly offended, and bits and pieces of your culture was being twisted into something horrible like a stereotype.

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Naturally, I wanted to reconcile this with my personal interest in fashion, which unfortunately has a rather negative reputation when it comes to environmental responsibility.

Fashion marketers decide what clothes is fashionable in the current season, how a prosperous and successful personality should look like to support her image and all their ideas and point of views are supported in the society, especially if celebrities are involved into the process of advertising.

Credibility statement: A university of Georgia professor gave an hour-long ted talk talking about her experiences of working and traveling to different countries seeing the fast fashion industry at first hands.

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