Reflective accounts on care plans

Do not only think about what you would do differently in that specific situation, but think whether you have thought of any transferable knowledge or skills you can utilize elsewhere.

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To care for a person holistically requires ongoing assessments — utilizing knowledge, attitudes and skills. I understood why this was difficult for her but did not think I would be able to do anything to help. I was happy I had explained everything to her and continued with my other jobs.

What to reflect on This can be anything. Using an informal manner I went through each part of the assessment. Published online 15 June References 1.

reflection on confidentiality

Personal development plan 9. I explained this to her and although she remained annoyed I was able to make her understand what the delay was and she returned to her bedside. Since the entire MDT was based in the same unit, the communication was excellent.

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How did it make you feel At the time I felt rushed and frustrated.

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Level 2 Reflective Account