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I wish I had some honey to go along with it even though I probably could have gotten some if I had asked and that would have been perfect but I thought that Champagne would probably not mix well with dairy product so I picked one over the other - I did not finish the yoghurt.

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We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. It is funny how Singapore Airlines was incredibly apologetic even though the delay was less than an hour - on the other hand, Air China was complete aloof about the whole situation despite being on the ground for over three hours on my recent flight from Beijing to Singapore. We pushed back 5 minutes ahead of schedule at 8. Quite tart this one, but in a refreshing way after the rich dishes before it. I was seated in the forward part of the 2 section business class cabin housing 20 person, while the larger cabin behind has the capacity of 60 if I am not mistaken. Such was the attention to detail. The New Business Class seats are incredibly beautiful and before Singapore Airlines unveil the new generation Business Class as well as the much-anticipated Suites seats for the Airbus A and AULR, this is definitely the best Business Class product the national carrier has. After the meal, I turned my seat into a bed and continued on my movie.

There are two lavatories for business-class passengers located between the two cabins — the forwardmost lavatory is reserved for pilots, and is inaccessible during the flight.

I did not expect much but that cake was absolutely delicious - fluffy, light and refreshing! It was a good 10 minutes later before the staff hauled him aside and processed the others, not a good first impression.

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Flight Details. There was a small crowd queuing to enter the lounge, all held up by a gentlemen refusing to accept being denied entry to the lounge. Gate latching up to the top level.

sq860 business plan

I handed the gate staff my boarding pass and proceeded straight down the gate. The views from this lounge however, was another story.

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