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Select your grading option carefully. TK: And then, obviously, writers approach fiction and nonfiction in different ways. Please allow up to three weeks after a course has ended to view grades online. All other advice delivered there! The Certificate curriculum comprises five core courses which are a series of workshops, built upon the MFA model of peer and instructor reviewone alternative genre elective, and the optional One-on-One Tutorial.

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We have daytime jobs or kids or sick parents or multiple projects going at the same time or depression or some life event that pulls us away from our writing. The class will then revisit these questions with a work of literary fiction, considering whether and how these fundamentals apply to a quieter novel.

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That was what I needed to find out. In this course, we will go step-by-step through the process of writing and publishing magazine articles, from idea to publication. Can you tell us a little about the course?

Using online discussion boards and optional video meetings, students receive feedback from the instructor, as well as have substantive discussion with their peers about the materials and themes of the course.

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