Strategies to improve student engagement

Attending various Professional Development PD training sessions can also be a great source of inspiration. This can be done in various ways: have them write about what they have learned or read, have them ask or write down questions they have about what they have read or learned, or have students discuss the lesson or reading material with a partner.

Give the students choices whenever possible Many educators, such as teacher and author Larry Ferlazzoagree with Daniel Pink that a sense of autonomy is a major factor in intrinsic motivation.

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Engagement cannot just be promoted, it must also be maintained. When building a classroom community, you are teaching students about respect, responsibility, and how to positively relate to their classmates. Create authentic learning experiences instead of abstract challenges.

what are the best ways to increase student engagement in the classroom

Give students options for how they want to learn something. Anglicare works with families and communities and provides a range of services including emergency food and crisis accommodation, and builds capacity for sustainable living through programs like foster care, financial counselling, parent education and group work.

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In this example from Education Worldsecond grade students use problem-solving, collaboration and research to help a classmate get a much-needed bed to sleep in.

This example of an art history choice board for primary students provides learning styles options to help students make their decisions.

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How to Improve Student Engagement in the Classroom