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You need to know a lot of people preferably with moneyand you need to be very sociable and a good salesman. I was only able to get a few people to show up to meetings, and half of them were confused as to why they were even there.

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But after some verbal probing, my friend admitted that this was just a ruse to get me to sit in on an ACN prospects meeting. Direct Selling News. I continued going to the weekend meetings and was discretely talking to people at my day job about ACN trying to get them to meetings. The judge also allowed the lawsuits allegations of fraud , false advertising , and unfair competition could proceed. If anyone has any knowledge of this company or first hand experience with it, I would like to hear your feedback on it and your opinions. What's odd about that is he really didn't make much money off of them, so he really just wasted his own time. She had a big family and a lot of business contacts which would have been a great asset with a lot of potential.

She was very open to it at first, but apparently read about it online and determined it was a scam. Macmillan International Higher Education. Nobody in any meetings showed even a remote interest. Meanwhile he would be continually be going over mundane details pointing to figures on a small sheet of paper that no one could really read clearly from the distance they were seated.

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InACN expanded operations in Japan. Log in or register to post comments 0Helpful.

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So is ACN a scam?

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ACN Scam or Oppurtunity?